Love... Bonnie-style

Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 12:05 AM

Me: Bonnie Raitt has come up once every day for the last four days
Me: is that not wierd?
Carin: how so?
Me: Like Monday was talking about how in college when i had a bad breakup i listened "ICan't Make You Love Me" (editor's note: shut up) on repeat all night
Me: and then the Tuesday on the radio it was mentioned she was hosting an event somewhere
Carin: hahah
Me: and then yesterday someone mentioned to me hearing her song on Pandora
Carin: and nessie has it in her away message right now
Me: Yeah! Isn't that wierd!
Carin: There must be love in the air for you...Bonnie Rait style
Me: ... Unless that means I'm getting a redhead in the sack soon I don't like where this is going


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