Slow and Steady, Bad for Race (TOL:1)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 10:25 AM

*Every now and then I have more to say than a couple words and a cute picture, so I have deemed these momentary lapses in the paradigm to be Thoughts on Life.

Well, this orginally was going to be a picture of Dog Bounty Hunter looking really stupid (which is fabulously easy to find as he is a steaming hot mess) and a link to an open letter to him, stating that he doesn't deserve words because he is not relevant.

But I think I have something to say. The truth is that he is relevant. He doesn't deserve words, and that's right: He's someone that will never change- I mean look at his hair. But- he is relevant, because he signals the latest milestone in a trend of media racism that should be examined more closely. I know someone that used to edit the show in NY, and apparently acts this way all the time. Those clips just end up on the cutting room floor. Someone who has some control of the show has to have known that he throws out slurs like a tennis ball machine. Still, his show airs. I have two levels of bigotry to experience (being black and gay), and when someones mean to me I always wonder if its one or the other or both. People say it's not surprising that he's racist, but just because he has a mullet, it never was patently obvious to me. Good editing, I guess.

It would be really naive of me to think that because this man is racist he would have his show taken away. It's naive of us to have him fired because now we know he's a racist. Shouldn't someone have blown the whistle sooner? I mean, his own son, who's on the show as well, did it.
And it was probably more because it was his girlfriend who was insulted, which is understandable, but where were the cameramen? The lighting people? The sound department (I know they must of heard it.) Are there no black people at A&E? Do you need to be black or black-adjacent to care about racism?

From the actions of Tucker, apparently so. I'll leave this interminable post with a conversation between my sister Loree, and I:

Loree: Linda said when she went bar hopping on halloween she saw someone dressed like Hitler swastika and all
Me: Holy shit.
Loree: Yeah.
Me: Halloween costumes usually are a reflection of ones inner desires.
Me: So someone should of pushed him into the street. Maybe someone dressed as Roosevelt...
Loree: Yeah he obviously had issues. Who knows if he made it home in one piece
Loree: Linda said he left the bar after one drink
Me: He saw too many Jews there, probably
Loree: Honestly... I mean its like someone wearing a KKK uniform
Joe: Wow
Loree: That was a good analogy
Loree: Well its the equivalent to the jewish people
Loree: You just never know who smiles in your face, but is racist deep down
Joe: Like when i say hi to certain people or smile they totally ignore me
Loree: Makes one wonder


  1. Tasina Says:

    Hi! Found you through that NaBloPoMo thing. *the more I type that, the more irritating the name gets*

    Anyway, as a fellow person of color (Native) I found your post interesting. I also like, "black-adjacent." Funny - I'm going to make my husband refer to himself as "Native-adjacent."

    Enjoyed your blog! Cheers!

    P.S. My husband is a designer/illustrator too - I have a link to his (woefully outdated) page on my blog.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey there I also found ya through NaBloPoMo.. I so loved reading your blogs. I laughed a lot. Keep on writing...


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