About Men's Fashion

Monday, October 15, 2007 at 3:47 PM
C Jizzle: I'm insulted
C Jizzle: there are more mens bike socks than womens
Sent at 3:43 PM on Monday
Me: Really
Me: Well, there are more womens fashion choices than there are mens
C Jizzle: mens fashion is boring
C Jizzle: you always wear pants
C Jizzle: id hate to be a menswear designer
C Jizzle:no offense
Sent at 3:45 PM on Monday
Me: lol [I actually laughed out loud... I don't pussy foot]
i wouldnt always wear pants if i wasnt going to be killed
Sent at 3:47 PM on Monday
C Jizzle: what would u wear?
Me: Probably kilts and things, if I wasn't stuck into the Renaissance Fair kind of boy category
C Jizzle: i dunno...sometimes men are too skinny...and sometimes too big
C Jizzle: and they are like giant boring squares in suits
C Jizzle: male models....ugh
C Jizzle:who wants to look at shrivelled stick boys modeling boring square suits?
C Jizzle: its like watching pencils roll down small hills
Me: hahahahhaha [maybe I didn't laugh that much]
Me: what?
C Jizzle: they are ugly
C Jizzle: they are twigs
C Jizzle: with girl hair
C Jizzle: no woman wants a man twig with hair better or as good as theirs


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