One More Reason I love Amy Adams

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 11:40 PM

Adams Glad Idol Wasn't Around When She Was A Kid

Doubt star Amy Adams is glad American Idol didn't exist when she was growing up - because it would have wrecked her dream of becoming a star.

The actress is a huge fan of the U.S. talent show, and she fears if it had aired when she was young, she would have been among the hopefuls turning up to auditions - and that would have been a disaster.

She explains, "I would have taken my ill-suited pop voice and gone in and sung some musical theatre song, and they would have put it on air, and I would never, ever (have) ended up here.

"I would have humiliated myself publicly and probably shrunk off and done something else with my life."

From IMDB.


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