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Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 4:37 PM
So today I was looking for songs by Laura Love on my iPod and I discovered that I have 823 songs with the word, album, or artist including the word "love" in it. Since I never let things concerning my iPod rest, I decided to do a little math.

I have 13,169 songs total. This means if I calculate the percentage ("love" songs divided by all songs) then I get .0643177, or about 6.43%. That's a lot of love, considering everything you could possibly write about. My friend Carly has 1,343 "love" songs and 22,033 (Jesus!) songs total, which makes her love song percentage a pretty solid 6%.

Because I'm at work and bored to death, I decided to go a step further. "Love songs" don't necessarily have to have the word "love" in it, so I compiled a short list of words that are synonyms of love and how many are on my iPod:
  • passion- 30 songs
  • marry+marriage- 7+14=21
  • heart- 247 (I mean, christ, people- can a brotha get some original lyrics?)
  • romance- 10
  • sex (generalizing)- 58
  • erotic (again, generalizing)- 1 (can you guess which song this is?)
I of course went through and tacked on a "-1" for songs with more than one of these words in it, Frank Sinatra. Accounting for the Minuses, which were -52. So, 823+347-52. That leaves me with a total of 1,118 love related songs- of course, this is only by title, so I guess this would be uncreatively titled love related songs, right?

My iPod thusly has a 8.5% uncreatively titled love related song ratio. What does yours have?

In accordance with Hooray Ray.


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