Heat Death of the Universe

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 8:55 AM

In high school, I had an English teacher named Ms. Machemer. More on her at a later date. I don't feel like typing that much. However, a tidbit: she looked like Ursula the Sea witch from The Little Mermaid. Think purple eyeshadow. She introduced us to a lot of different kinds of literature, which I appreciate. She often handed out short stories by authors I've never heard of, and wouldn't find out about on my own.

One such short story was "The Heat Death of the Universe" by Pamela Zoline. It's about a housewife preparing for her sons birthday, and she's losing it a little. (Understatement)

Take a read. I'm thinking (way) ahead into the future after Black Fruit is done, maybe doing a series of pieces on this. Chew on that for a spell. Song of the week coming up later today.


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