New Drawing "Black Fruit"

Monday, May 5, 2008 at 11:57 AM

Excuse the blurriness... And the shadow. But here's the first piece from my new seires "Black Fruit". Just polling... what does the fruit I'm holding look like?

Here's an artist's statement:
  • "Black Fruit is a discovery of my unique situation of belonging to two well talked about social groups- African Americans, and gays. As a black gay artist I want to talk about my relationship dynamics affected by my upbringing in a Haitian household, and my race in relation to my love life. Black Fruit is a symbolic study of two things that make up who I am and the experiences I've been through because of them."

1 Responses to New Drawing "Black Fruit"

  1. Cance Says:

    first glance looks like an apple...i think that's what everyone assumes when seeing a red, round fruit.
    or pomegranate?

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