Jody Mussoff and Drift

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 4:12 PM
So the wife of a guy that used to work at my job is also an artist, and she, being graphically inept (not an insult, it means more business for me :) ), asked me to extend the hair of a piece to fit an entry for this DC arts project.

The main thing was to lengthen the hair of this piece:

Jody works in colored pencil, and each individual hair in her figures is drawn. So, I had to draw each and every individual hair in Photoshop- eek! But it wasn't for naught, as she was chosen as one of the winners. This semi-permanent outdoor art exhibit in Chinatown, Washington DC. (It's in that park space near Capitol Hill Brewery near Chinatown Metro, if anyone wants to go see it. It't Pretty cool. Here's hers with my magic photoshop-hands:

You can go to here websites here and also here.
Later, sprouts!


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